A New Normal?



Thank you also to our panel of three independent judges all of whom generously gave their time without payment. All have a long term involvement with the arts, live and work in Herefordshire. Two of the judges Freya and David have galleries in Herefordshire. Do visit them either virtually during lockdown via their websites or in person when they re-open later in the year. You can read brief profiles below.

A key purpose of the competition has been to highlight the need to consider our mental wellbeing during these challenging times. If you have been impacted emotionally, have suffered a bereavement or are perhaps struggling to cope with the feelings the pandemic has brought to the surface about, you might feel that talking with someone outside of your family could be helpful. If so do contact us. Our therapy service is not free, but we try and make it possible for anyone to attend, no matter their financial circumstances.

Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund for their generous financial support. Without these funds it would not have been possible to put on this competition or to offer subsidised counselling places for people who have been in need during the last six months.

You can view a larger selection of artworks from amongst the competition entries via out Pinterest page.



Our Winners


Family Winners

The “Scots”, Issac and Anja

These are the clear winner:

“‘The 3 Cs’ (top) shows decent composition and engages with the topic and ‘Can we meet?’ (bottom) connects imaginatively with the topic, clearly communicates its message and evokes empathy. It is also well rendered, and employs techniques which demonstrate skill and an understanding of the medium: the reflections on the bubbles are well captured.”

Under 13’s – 17’s Winner

Zola-Lien Buy

“‘Chaos’ is not only a finished composition, but demonstrates planning and thought- a range of issues represented, the ‘swirling’ quality giving a real sense of the emotions evoked, the colour choices are appropriate.”

Adult Winner

Trevor Bray

Unseen, Unheard, Ignored “Visceral and disturbing portrayal of very prevalent emotions. Well rendered. This stood out to all of us.”

Under 12’s Winner

Samuel Lloyd

“….scores very highly for originality and rendering an idea, as well as engaging creatively and imaginatively with the topic.”

 Our Runners Up



Under 12’s Runner Up

Kate Nanson-Cook

Corona virus for me “A delightful piece, colourful and bold, while touching”


Under 13’s – 17’s Runner Up

Alice Morgan

“‘Alone’ has an innocence and vulnerability that is very moving”


Adult Runner Up

Annette Meijer

Back to Basics – Corona Base “The only digitally rendered piece to win a prize. While we lack the (digital media) expertise to assess the amount of skill involved in creating this piece, the concept is strong, and well rendered: a lone figure, trapped in space, over a swirling void, while able to see the sky and natural world just outside: the composition is effective.”

Family Runner Up

Rosie & Molly Bryden

“‘These Emotions’ and ‘Getting Older, Getting Stronger’, are original creations” and reflect a story about experiences within one family


Our Judges

Rob McCarthy

Rob was born in London and attended Hornsey College of Art before going onto Edinburgh College of Art. He undertook study tours of Orkney, Andalucia in Spain and Los Angeles. He was an artist in residence for the 369 Gallery Edinburgh for many years and has received British Council and Scottish Arts Council travel awards. Rob McCathy has exhibited extensively in the UK and USA.

Rob work is held in collections such as The Scotttish Arts Council, Edinburgh City Art Centre and Coopers and Lybrand as well as in private collections throughout Europe and the USA.

Rob is currently a senior art psychotherapist for the NHS and a clinical supervisor for Marches Counselling Service.

David Campbell

David is an artist who likes working in a variety of mediums and partners his wife, Marion Campbell, in running the Apple Store Gallery, now in its 15th year. He won first prize for portraiture in a competition run by Harrison Clark Rickerbys, in 2019 and was artistic interpreter on stage with the Orchestra of the Swan in the same year. David also took part in the portfolio course at Hereford Art College in 2002.

For more information visit the Apple Store Gallery website

Freya Gamble

Freya is a mixed media artist, inspired by the natural world, who creates sculptures from needlefelt and found materials. Though she takes any opportunity to try new techniques and crafts to incorporate into her practices. She spent a year at HCA experimenting with printing and lithography, textiles, wire sculpture and photography, but didn’t attach onto any one specialism and after completing the Foundation Diploma, pursued a “more conventional” career as a science teacher, letting her creativity express itself through detailed diagrams of organs!  Though she found herself unable to cope after four years and chose a new direction.

“I found myself unable to cope, and had to change direction.  I hope that anyone feeling overwhelmed like I did will feel able to speak about it and find support. I believe that creativity in any form can be very beneficial to mental health; or at least, rediscovering the pleasure of making has been key to my own recovery.”

These days Freya runs Made in the Marches Gallery with her mother, Annie, supported by a group of eleven local artists. Established in 2017, this venue in Kington exhibits art and craft from established and emerging artists across the Welsh border counties. Visit the website Made in the Marches for more information.