MCS charitable objectives seek to provide support for the mental health of people in Herefordshire and surrounding counties who, because of mental or physical ill health, social or economic circumstances, or disability, are suffering from psychological distress and/or disorder.

We recognise that there can be various barriers to people accessing our service. These may be physical, financial, psychological or cultural. Although we cannot always remove barriers for everybody, we work hard to minimise them so that the therapeutic service we provide is as accessible as possible to the widest range of residents of Herefordshire. We do this by:

Physical – providing a number ways that people can access counselling, including use of a disabled access room and remote sessions via phone or video platform

Financial – obtaining financial support through grants and other sources of funding to enable low cost counselling for those who are unable to pay the full fee

Psychological –  being sensitive in our approach when people first make contact to ensure they feel as at ease as possible

Cultural – being culturally sensitive and responsive to changing needs arising from peoples experience of social inequalities and discrimination

Access is monitored through a number of feedback gathering methods and our strategy is reviewed annually

To read more about how we do this read our Accessibility Strategy