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Our main office and counselling rooms are centrally located in Hereford. A guide to locating our office is below.

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To book an appointment for assessment from this website please complete the form below and click the ‘send’ button. We will then contact you with a provisional appointment. Alternatively if you telephone us we can arrange a mutually convenient day and time.

If you  feel you need to speak to someone more urgently please contact the NHS 24/7 mental health helpline: 0808 196 9127

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Address: 57 St Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2JQ Phone: You can call us between 10am and 1pm Monday to Friday and speak to someone. At any other time you will be able to leave a message on our confidential answer phone

01432 279906 

07527 579488 (mobile)

Email: Professional Referrals: Please click here to download the professional referral form, which can be emailed to us.  Alternatively you can write or telephone us directly as indicated above.

How to find our office in Hereford

If you are visiting us for the first time, the information below may be useful to assist you to find our location. Please click on the image.

We are located at 57 St Owen's Street

The entrance is between the Tattooist and the Cathedral Funeral Services.

This is our front door

You will need to ring the entry phone to enter the building.

Press the left hand button

We will answer and let you in – please push the door firmly.

We are on the second floor

Please walk up two flights of stairs to our entrance.  If you have difficulty with stairs please let us know and we can arrange your appointment in a room with disabled access elsewhere.

We will welcome you at our entrance

Our administrator or one of our therapists will welcome you at the entrance to our secure private rooms.