Working with Mindfulness

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What is mindfulness?




finding the time and space to focus


Being present in the moment


not re-living the past or pre-living the future



Being non-judgemental


being able to accept and work with whatever situation we find ourself in

What is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)?

Initially developed for people with long term health conditions to help reduce their stress, MBCT has been used sucessfully with people experiencing depression and a range of emotionally stressful situations.

An MBCT course is usually eight weekly 2 hour group sessions. The sessions do not involve you in talking about your own personal situation, but you will be expected to talk about how you are finding the exercises. To benefit fully you need to attend all the sessions and engage in daily practice.

How does MBCT work?

It does not work by changing what we think, but by teaching people how to relate differently to their negative thoughts and feelings.

Becoming more aware





Stepping back




Accepting and letting go



Creating space to change

How can mindfulness improve our life?

Mindfulness encourages us to develop our willingness to experience life, and our capacity to engage with things which are difficult. It helps give us the courage to allow distressing moods, emotions, thoughts and sensations to come and go, without using up our energy to battle against them. We then find that they can be seen from a different perspective, one which allows us to step back and bring to these moments a sense of understanding and compassion.

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Our next course is being held in Hereford at The Friends Meeting House, King Street  on a Wednesday afternoon 3.00pm to 5.00pm from October 3rd to November 28th 2018 with a break for the week of half term.

The course is supported by Waitrose Community Matters Project and we are thus able to offer it on this occasion at a much reduced cost of £80.  In addition there is a deposit of £25 which covers CDs and printed materials on each session which you keep.  In total £105.

Contact us as soon as possible to book a place as space is limited.

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