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Training for Therapists

Whether or not you are a member of MCS, if you have a professional interest in any of the following training days, you are welcome to join us. Contact the office for further details and in order to book.

Saturday June 9th:   10am-4pm day (6 hours of CPD)

man on couch

Men on the Couch

Male fragility is often overlooked by contemporary discourses on gender and identity. How do we work with men when we care about providing gender-sensitive psychotherapy ?

This workshop:

  • explores how power/status, embodiment and the erotic become manifest in the therapy room
  • looks at clinical stories which illustrate issues that are commonly encountered by female clinicians working with men
  • examines approaches to building a working alliance with male clients, working at relational edge and supporting in-depth exploration of men’s concerns.

Format: lecture, storytelling, case studies, discussions, experiential

The workshop presenter Silvia Baba Neal is a relationally focused psychotherapist supervisor, writer and researcher. She is a member of Metanoia Institute in London and the International Association of Relational Transactional Analysis. She has published academic papers on suicide and working with clients with alexithymia. She is currently working on case studies of psychotherapy with male clients.


Saturday October13th:   10am-4pm day (6 hours of CPD)


A Melancholy Muse

As therapists we can meet clients who bring us into contact with fundamental questions about life.  If we have not explored what these questions mean for us personally it can be difficult to meet their concerns with authenticity and equanimity.

This study day provides an opportunity to explore our feelings about the will to death in three groups of people who may seek therapy:

  • those who contemplate suicide
  • those who are considering or who have experienced abortion
  • and those who feel that either for themselves or someone close to them euthanasia may be an appropriate action.

The workshop will examine past and present attitudes in society and ask how they may be reflected in ourselves.  To come closer to the emotional reality of life and death choices, we will consider the poetic voice, bringing case study material to open up the ethical debate.

The facilitator, Jennifer French, is a psychodynamic psychotherapist and group analyst whose years of experience in the NHS and Buddhist background have given her a particular interest in our relationship with death. The value of poetry as a means of expression for strong emotions has been part of her personal and professional journey which she shares in this thought provoking workshop.



Peer Group CPD

These sessions are held bi monthly, on the second Saturday. They are led by and open to members of MCS. If you are a counsellor interested in attending then you can become an associate member. See our 'Get Involved' section of this website.

Saturday May 12th 2018:  10 – 12

Mind, Brain & Body in Transformation of Trauma

A review of Bessel Van Der Kolk’s book, ‘THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE’.  This is a clearly written and fascinating guide to the effects of trauma and some of the pathways to recovery. You do not need to have read the book to attend. The subject matter will be introduced and we will think about how its ideas might apply to some of the people with whom we have worked.

Saturday July 14th 2018:  10 – 12

Managing attack: threatening words and behaviors.

If you are a chess player you will know the phrase ‘the best method of defense is attack’.  In understanding impulses to aggression in ourselves and others we need to consider where our vulnerabilities lie. No one is without the potential to be violent. People who have believed themselves incapable of hurting another can be amazed by sudden inexplicable urges to destruction. We will be exploring these difficult and challenging emotions in ourselves, and thinking about how we might best respond when they arise in others.

Saturday September 8th 2018:  10 – 12

Subject to be confirmed

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