New Year 2022


Struggling ?




covid19 and us

as a service we have pulled ourselves through many challenges, developing remote working and keeping staff and clients safe in our well-aired and socially-distanced rooms

now we are reaching out to those for whom the experience will be long-lived, those who are in it for the long haul



Psychological support service for people experiencing long-covid.

We are aware that many people with long-covid are finding it difficult to access support locally. To develop our service in this area we are offering group-work which can be accessed online.

Although we are a fee-paying service, we are offering courses of ten sessions at a token fee of £10 per session, in return for participants being willing to engage with us in assessing the impact and thus helping develop the content. The courses will offer different approaches to managing long-covid, at the same time as each recognising the core need for pacing, the variety of physical symptoms associated with this condition, and the potential for trauma being present. The therapists involved are all experienced in helping people deal with difficult emotions and trauma reactions.

Each course will accommodate up to twelve people. If this is of interest to you please contact us. You will be offered an initial confidential assessment to check that it will be suitable.


Course A: Staying Mindful

It is accepted that mindfulness can be a valuable aid in managing chronic physical and mental health conditions. With long-covid it is important that the practitioners offering support can help the client negotiate the challenges involved in looking inwards at their experience, taking from the practice what is right and needed by them.  This course will introduce participants to some of the key practices which can help change the way in which they think about their condition, and consequently, how they feel.



Course B: Working with Relationships

Some of our therapists have a particular interest in relationships. We know that coping with chronic illness is easier for people who are able to maintain good relationships, not just with close family, but also with the community and, most importantly of all, with themselves. Having long-covid presents many challenges to how we see ourselves and how others see us.  This course will explore how we can meet these challenges.



Course C:  Client-led

We know that each person’s experience of long-covid is unique, but there are also patterns which we can learn from. Because we are only just beginning to understand the challenges which long-covid entails, the real experts are the people experiencing the condition themselves.  This group will help participants explore their experiences, share what has worked and what not in managing their symptoms, and think together about what it might mean for their future and that of their families.



The therapists involved are all experienced in helping people deal with difficult emotions

and trauma reactions.