Counselling & Psychotherapy

A Professional & Confidential Service helping people in Herefordshire and the Marches experiencing personal distress.


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How counselling can help

Counselling is an opportunity to work with someone you can trust. Together you think about how you have reached your present situation, what it means for you, and what you might want to change. It can take many directions.  


To find different and sometimes new ways of coping


To help understand yourself and your relationships better


To gain support to make changes in your life


To help get back on track or gain a fresh sense of direction


To sort things out while taking medication or as an alternative to it

Individual Therapy

To help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

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It was life changing for me. Things I had taken for granted in myself, about the world were challenged, but gently, so I became much more confident

What people say about us

The statements below are from people who have been helped by our service
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I feel that counselling has helped me to stop and take stock of myself and my feelings. It has allowed me to feel ‘normal’ and get on with living.
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I found acceptance here that had healing properties.
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It helped me look at life more positively and not to be down on others. Excellent service and a great counsellor.
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It was a very valuable experience for me and it has made great changes to my life in general, particularly my self-confidence. Thank you

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