About Us

About Marches Counselling Service

We provide professional counselling and psychotherapy for people over the age of 18.

MCS is fully accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Our staff have developed their skills in a broad range of settings, including the NHS and the voluntary sector. Whilst we are not a specialist service, we do have extensive experience in helping people with a wide range of problems. 

We offer different forms of counselling and psychotherapy to match your needs, which are assessed at the first appointment with us.

Confidentiality is vital and we will are always mindful of this in how we operate, and any connection you may have to our staff to ensure confidentiality is maintained in all aspects of our work.


How to access our services

Located in central Hereford our office has several therapy rooms where our therapists meet with clients.

We offer online assessments and sessions for those who have difficulty getting into Hereford. We are also hoping to develop our services further, offering face to face counselling in other areas. 

Appointments are available throughout the week including outside of normal working hours (to some extent).

For more information, please contact us by emailing or calling Di/Carys in the office which is open between 9am and 1pm, Monday to Friday.


Our approach

At Marches Counselling we offer a service which helps people explore and work with the dissatisfaction they feel, whether that be with themselves, their situation, or the society they move within. We hope that we can find ways of helping someone feel more comfortable ‘in their own skins’ and more able to engage with the environment in which they find themselves. This can be challenging when we need to question assumptions we make about ourselves and others, but it does open the possibility for lasting change, change which can help us create the world we wish to live in.

One to One Counselling

This includes approaches where you focus with your counsellor or psychotherapist on coping techniques, as well as those which look more in depth at present or past patterns in your life and relationships.  The aim is to help you understand and deal with where you are now, so your relationship with the future can be different.

Group Therapy

This is when a group of people who share some common difficulties come together with each other and a counsellor to consider where they are in their lives and think about ways forward:  sometimes using specific techniques like mindfulness, sometimes in a more open way.

Remote Therapy

Remote or online therapy includes counselling appointments over the phone or using audio-visual platforms such as Zoom. These have been introduced during the Covid pandemic to ensure one-to-one counselling can still continue when it hasn’t been safe to meet in person. They will continue for those for whom it is a preferred method, or in situations where illness or transport create difficulties in meeting in person.

Couples Counselling

This allows two people to work together with a counsellor on their communication. It can help you understand one another better, change patterns in how you relate and find more satisfaction in being together.  This is not always about keeping the old relationship, but about finding a positive way to live differently.

Each client is unique

At MCS we believe that each person is unique and this is why we offer different approaches with counsellors trained in different traditions.

Each person treads their own path in life, their own unique journey and we as therapists can walk alongside them for a while. 

We can assist a client in helping recognise the difficulties, offering tools which may be useful, sometimes pointing out the dangers and often helping uncover the hidden treasures which these experiences bring.


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57 St Owen Street

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Working hours​

Mon to Fri 9am – 1pm