Some people feel that they would like to be remembered and for others in society to benefit from what they have received during their life by leaving a gift in their will. This can take a number of forms, but typically involves making provision for a single monetary donation that can be used by the charity to further its mission. It can however be for something specific, such as to fund a project to help a particular section of the community. Or it might be an object, an asset or property.

As a small charity offering affordable counselling in Herefordshire and the Marches, we have recognized over the years, how donations have been significant in helping subsidise the cost of counselling sessions for those who have limited funds. Donations in the form of grants have also enabled us to run projects that focus efforts on groups who for a range of different reasons may be vulnerable. Underpinning our objectives in doing this work is a belief in challenging the stigma that can be associated with having mental health difficulties.

If these values speak to you then you may like to consider making provision for a gift in your will. It might be that you or someone you know has benefitted from our service in the past and you would like to support us to continue our work as a local charity.
Our concessionary fund enables us to subsidise counselling for those on low incomes. Typically it will provide help by offering a percentage reduction over a period of someone attending therapy. The cost of us providing our service is in excess of £60 per counselling hour. As an example, donation or gift of £250 would enable someone to attend 10 sessions of counselling at £35 per session.

If you are interested in making a bequest and would like to talk to us more about how people will benefit, do get in touch. You might also like to read more about making a gift in your will by visiting

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